Boss Evolution Ladderspan Scaffold Tower - 850 Length 2.5m Height 12.2m

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BoSS Ladderspan is the market leading tower system designed for the professional user. The access towers are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to offer consistent quality. The BoSS Ladderspan 3T tower system has 0.85m frame width that is 2.5m in platform length. Uses 3T – Through the Trapdoor build method so the operator can assemble the system in the trapdoor of the platform.

This model has a working height of 14.2m, and a platform height of 12.2m

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    • Rigid and robust construction
    • Integral ladders with 0.25m climb rung spacing and 0.5mm frame rung spacing for safe and comfortable access
    • Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip
    • 3T - Through the Trapdoor build method
    • Safety certification BS EN1004:2004
    Tower Width (m)0.85m
    Total Length (m)2.5m
    Platform Height (m)12.2m
    Max. Safe Working Height (m)14.2m
    Approx. Product Weight (kg)401kg
    328423 – 150mm Castor4
    335513 – Adjustable Leg4
    608513 – 2 Rung Ladder Frame (1.0m x 0.85m)1
    602513 - 2 Rung Span Frame (1.0m x 0.85m)1
    606513 – 4 Rung Ladder Frame (1.0m x 0.85m)6
    600513 - 4 Rung Span Frame (1.0m x 0.85m)6
    304511 – 1.8m Trap Door Deck6
    312513 – 1.8m Horizontal Brace26
    313513 – 2.1m Diagonal Brace23
    304509 – 1.8m Side Toe Board2
    302509 – 0.6m End Toe Board2
    301509 – Toe Board Holder4
    318513 – SP104

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