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    Philmac Female End Connector 1/2 x 1/2 Inch BSP£4.41+VAT£5.29
    Philmac Wall Plate Elbow 1/2 x 1/2 Inch Female BSP£8.93+VAT£10.72
    Philmac Alkathene Stop End Cap 25mm or 3/4 Inch£5.27+VAT£6.32
    Philmac Female Elbow 25mm or 3/4 Inch x 3/4 Inch BSP£5.95+VAT£7.14
    Philmac 25mm x 3/4 Inch bsp Wall Plate Elbow£24.47+VAT£29.36
    Philmac Alkathene Reducing Set 3/4 to 1/2 Inch£2.52+VAT£3.02
    Philmac 32mm x 25mm Unequal Reducing Tee Poly£15.22+VAT£18.26
    Philmac 25mm x 1 Inch Poly x Male BSP Connector£6.63+VAT£7.96
    Philmac Stopcock Tap 32mm X 1 Inch£46.89+VAT£56.27
    Philmac Alkathene Reducing Set 1 to 1/2 Inch£3.59+VAT£4.31
    Philmac 90 Degree Elbow 32mm X 1 Inch£10.37+VAT£12.44
    Philmac 20mm Poly Elbow£4.82+VAT£5.78
    Philmac Alkathene MDPE Liner 25mm£.30+VAT£.36
    Philmac Stopcock Tap 25mm X 3/4 Inch£30.72+VAT£36.86
    Philmac 25mm 3/4 Inch Poly Joiner£3.80+VAT£4.56
    Philmac 25mm Poly Single Non Return Check Valve£34.70+VAT£41.64
    Philmac Reducing Straight Connector 1 to 3/4 Inch£11.98+VAT£14.38
    Philmac 25mm x 3/4 Inch BSP Tank Connector£9.18+VAT£11.02
    Rothley F525 Steel SocketFrom £.60+VATFrom £.72
    Philmac Polygrip Brass Bib Tap 3/4in£23.22+VAT£27.86
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