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    Karcher RM31 Oil & Grease Remover 20L£50.15+VAT£60.18
    Stihl Water Filter£10.00+VAT£12.00
    Stihl Surface CleanerFrom £26.67+VATFrom £32.00
    Cool Blue Wash N Wax 5L£13.86+VAT£16.63
    Stihl Wash Brush£22.00+VAT£26.40
    Stihl Backflow Preventer£32.67+VAT£39.20
    Platinum Alloy Shine 5L£17.81+VAT£21.37
    Stihl Foam Nozzle£20.00+VAT£24.00
    Stihl RE129 PLUS High Pressure Cleaner£277.50+VAT£333.00
    Karcher HD 5/12 C Plus Cold Water Pressure Washer£359.00+VAT£430.80
    Karcher Puzzi 8/1 C Pressure Washer£260.00+VAT£312.00
    Stihl RE109 Pressure Washer£160.00+VAT£192.00
    Stihl RE 143 PLUS Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner£475.00+VAT£570.00
    Stihl RE119 High Pressure Cleaner£239.17+VAT£287.00
    Draper Petrol Pressure Washer (6.5HP)£343.00+VAT£411.60
    Draper 1700W 230V Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature£94.95+VAT£113.94
    Karcher HDS 6/12 Hot Water Pressure Washer£1699.00+VAT£2038.80
    Stihl RE 98 Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner£136.67+VAT£164.00
    Stihl RE88 Pressure Washer£101.67+VAT£122.00
    Draper Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature (2200W)£131.00+VAT£157.20
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