Bohler Fox Cn23/12-a E309 L-17 Welding Rod Stainless Steel Arc Electrodes

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Rutile electrode of type E 23 12 2 L / 309MoL providing increased delta ferrite contents (FN ~20) in the weld deposit for safe and crack resistant dissimilar joint welds as well as claddings or root passes of clad steel. BÖHLER FOX CN 23/12 Mo -A is noted for its superior welding characteristics and metallurgy. It can be used on AC and DC. Other advantages include high current carrying capacity, minimum spatter formation, self releasing slag, smooth and clean weld profile, safety against formation of porosity due to the moisture resistant coating and its packaging into hermetically sealed tins.
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  • Operating temperature from -10°C to +300°C
  • For weld surfacing (1st layer) up to +400°C
  • Classification: EN ISO 3581-A, E 23 12 2 L R 3 2

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